Oh holy shit

I am so utterly fucking angry!!!!!!!
Let’s just leave at that.

Allow me to rant

I’m not supposed to bottle up stuff anymore so bear with me for a moment.
He kept calling me ‘little puricat’. For some unknown reason to even myself, i fucking hated it. Went along with it for a while thinking maybe im just not used to shit like that. Nope. Still fucking hate it. Told him so. He asked me why. Told him i just don’t like it. He let it go for a while. Didn’t call me that anymore. Phew, crisis averted. Or was it? He asks me again: why you no like? Told him again: i just do not like it. But why? But why the fuck you need a reason? I just do, im like that. Well, lf i had a reason id tell you but as it is, just dont fucking like it. Can you respect that? Maybe. Maybe?? What the fuck you mean maybe? MAYBE you can respect me? My decision to like or dislike smth? What the actual fuck? And then he starts laughing; oh it’s just that some of the things you say or do remind me of myself when i was young and stubborn. Come again? You’re calling me childish and stubborn now? Because i honestly can’t give you an explanation as to why i don’t like the endearment you chose for me? Beause i don’t comply to your wishes? Because i am my own person who doesn’t cower to your will? Ohhh now you fucked up. He tells me to stop attacking myself. Chose your fucking words when you speak and then i wont feel attacked. He says: you aint liking me very much now eh? No, not really, but i am able to get over it, store it for future reference. Unlike yourself, you big drama queen. I admit i made a mistake today standing you up, but that time i had a good fucking reason and explanation i apologised. And you were a drama queen about it. Let’s face it. You keep saying that youre a calm person, shit doesn’t frustrate you, you don’t let things get to you, i told you that’s what i thought until i had a fucking anxiety attack and my life turned upside down over night. You don’t listen though. You think you know it all. And you act like a drama queen. Aagh. I think i’m done. For now.

You can’t really see, but there are about 20 ppl in front of me at the post office. 5 minutes in, ppl already trying to cut in line, shouts all around, scandals, fisticuffs. You’d think after years under the commies you’d learn how to queue.

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End song to the recent Game of Thrones episode 

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I am genuinely going berserk at fucking 8 in the morning because Game of Thrones. Because Sigur Ros cameo. Because music. Because Fuck the King. Hell motherfucking yeah. Because feelings. Because i’ve been waiting for this moment for way too fucking long and i just wanna play this episode on repeat for the entire week aaaaaaaaaaah

  • Question: How desperate can a boy get for sex?
  • Answer 1: Very
  • Answer 2: Hella
  • Answer 3: Did someone mention sex?

I utterly hate this abhorrent habit some people have of spitting on the street. Stop it you fucking disgusting peasants.

I might be paranoid but

I have this feeling that theres this bitch who’s trying to steal my sorta boyfran. Ahahaha. Already gurl? Like you’ve been collegues with him for years and now that he dates me for some weeks youre suddenly interested? Ahahaaa

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The phantom of CGS

Valar morghulis on the tube

What in the everloving fuck is Green Cola and why does it exist?! It scares me

Pasta and cheese pudding aka food porn

So i went to my grandmothers for food (will post proof of porn later), just in time to watch Hanyu’s performance at the world gala. Nice nice nice. And my gramms’ reaction after she put on her glasses? ‘Oooh he’s pretty’. Yes gramma yes he is.

So i’m rewatching Midsomer Murders, and there he is, Henry Cavill, in all his young, curly haired glory and i’m laughing my ass off as his character is brutally murdered because i had no idea he was british. Aha